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I love being a Real Estate Agent. I get to meet a lot of new people, some of which become new friends, and I get to help them and people I already know buy or sell a home. Whether it is their 1st or 8th, it is one of the biggest investments they will make in their lifetime and I like to use my talents to aggressively find their dream home and use my negotiating skills to help them make it a reality.
I also, love the challenge of listing homes and I am sure that I will be able to get your home sold in a timely manner and at a price that you will be happy with. Today's market can be tricky and the days of contingencies with the sale of your home, are almost extinct. That's why using an Agent, like Me, that thinks outside the box and comes up with strategies to make your selling, buying and moving as care free as possible is one of the many reasons to call me.
I sell an average of 31 homes a year and mostly from referrals.
I am very familiar with the Miami Valley, as I raised here. I attended school at Springboro, Franklin, West Carrollton and Graduated from Carlisle High School. I raised my 4 boys in Carlisle as well. I also have 2 Step sons and my Husband Jeff and I have 10 Grandchildren.
4 of our 6 boys have served or are serving in the Military, so some of my favorite clients have been Veterans. Call me today, lets make this of of life's best of the best.

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